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CliniCallRN is the only nurse-staffed global call center dedicated to clinical trial patient recruitment and retention.

CliniCallRN is a single resource global call center that specializes in multi-lingual clinical trial patient recruitment and retention. We continuously develop superior technology and maintain expert personnel which enable us to provide high quality referrals due to a better patient experience. This results in shortened recruitment timelines and saves companies money.

CliniCallRN delivers carefully screened, pre-qualified patients to sites because of our dedication to hiring and training the best call center agents in the industry. All CliniCallRN agents are exclusively nurses, doctors or, degreed professionals who we carefully vet. Each agent must complete a comprehensive in-house training course and receive CliniCallRN certification before they are allowed to answer a "live" call.

CliniCallRN delivers high tech telephony, real-time data capture and metrics that are integrated with Study Maximizer™, our state-of-the-art patient tracking portal with multi-language support.

CliniCallRN adheres to HIPAA and GCP guidelines and is compliant with US-EU Safe Harbor requirements.

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